Rushing Around and Canceling Kickstarters

You have likely received (a lot of) emails from me about the two Kickstarters we have launched in the past 2 months and that both of the projects were canceled before they were funded. Here is a little more on all that.

First, Praise God! The (albeit, cheesy) phrase “God writes straight with crooked lines” has been a theme in my life this past year and I am grateful for His Spirit in our lives.

Since June 13th, I have been running at being self-employed with Board Catholic (the company that makes the Catholic Card Game and all the other games) and I honestly have just been rushing to get things started or done or launched without much thought besides “we need to do this NOW if we want to do it at all.”

Now, after having canceled two Kickstarter campaigns that, if funded, would have been additional projects to add on top of what we are doing with the Catholic Card Game, I now see the Lord telling me to stop rushing and trying to do things on my own.

Though I truly believe in the impact that Bonaventure’s Book Club and the Catholic Family Game could have in our Church, I see now that it is not the time for these to be fundraised.

I have been asking for a lot from you with these campaigns during this time of unknown and craziness (trying really hard to not say uncertainty here…) and to those that backed our projects and shared them around, I am so thankful that you gave in these ways!

I canceled these Kickstarters for a couple reasons. First, we were not going to be able to reach goal so I didn’t want to keep hounding for more when it was not prudent. Second, I am realizing that there is so much more than can be done to make the Catholic Card Game and its experience better. And that is where I feel called to focus on. I want to talk with you more so I am going to be creating more avenues for us to do that; I want to make the experience you have on our website more enjoyable; and I want to make sure that I am creating space to listen to our Father rather than distracting myself with more and more projects (even if they would be super awesome!)

Anyways, thank you for reading and being a supporter of Board Catholic! We will talk soon!