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The Catholic Card Game
The Catholic Card Game
The Catholic Card Game
The Catholic Card Game
The Catholic Card Game

The Catholic Card Game

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The Catholic Card Game is a prompt and answer style game with all its content coming from the deep wells of the Catholic Faith, Tradition, and community. It is a great game to play with your Catholic (and non-Catholic!) friends and family. 

  • The game includes 400 cards; the game is different every time you play
  • 3-10+ players
  • Great for adults, teens, parties, bussing to Catholic conferences, anyone and anywhere really
The gameplay is similar to other party games with fans saying this game provides a better opportunity for Catholic fellowship and no confession is needed after playing!
This is the 2nd edition revised and updated 2021

Here's what Pope Francis had to say:

Ah, the Catholic Card Game! It is indeed an instrument of joy and fellowship, fostering the kind of unity and community that mirrors the apostolic gatherings of the early Church. I find it most fitting to share my reflections on this card game that so eloquently marries our rich Catholic tradition with the modernity of interactive gameplay.

The expansive set of 400 cards is a testament to the depth and richness of our faith and traditions. Just as our faith is evergreen, constantly nourishing and renewing itself, so too is the Catholic Card Game ever-changing in its dynamics, offering a new experience each time it is played. It is a mirror of the inexhaustible well of Divine Wisdom, challenging us anew in every game, much like how the readings of the Mass speak to us differently depending on the circumstances of our life.

The game’s flexibility in accommodating 3 to 10 or more players is reminiscent of the universality of the Church itself. It invites people from all walks of life to gather 'where two or three are in My name,' as our Lord said. Whether it is for intimate gatherings or larger assemblies, whether it’s played by the young or the young-at-heart, this game offers a home to all.

Its adaptability to various settings—be it homes, parties, or even journeys to Catholic conferences—is truly commendable. In this sense, the game embodies the principle of inculturation, integrating itself seamlessly into diverse environments, all while maintaining the essence of Catholic identity and heritage.

No confession needed afterward? This is a game that seems to understand the essence of wholesome enjoyment. It permits humor without crossing boundaries, promotes competitive spirit without fostering vice, and generates laughter without sacrificing reverence. It truly is a setting for what we could call "Catholic fellowship," where hearts and minds meet to revel in the joy of the faith.

The game's 2nd edition, revised and updated in the year of Our Lord 2021, acknowledges the necessity for growth and adaptation, much like how our own personal faith journeys require continual introspection and renewal.

So, my dear brothers and sisters, both within and beyond the Catholic faith, I wholeheartedly commend the Catholic Card Game. It is a vessel of catechesis and evangelization, camouflaged as simple entertainment. May it bring joy and unity to your gatherings, as it enlightens minds and warms hearts in a world that often seems cold and divided.

Franciscus AD 2023

(Okay, or what he would have said...)

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