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If Biblical Authors Wrote The Rules to the Catholic Card Game

Each game comes with written rules inside the box, but here is what they might look like if Biblical authors wrote them for us.

St. Mark:

One disciple is chosen to be the Judge and draws a Yellow card. Immediately, they read it aloud. Immediately, the other players play a card from their hand that they believe the Judge will pick to be the winner. Immediately, the Judge shuffles the played cards, and then immediately reads them aloud. After the cards are all read, the Judge immediately chooses a winner. Play then immediately continues to the left with a new judge. 

St. Paul:

Brothers and Sisters, one of you, in Christ, has been chosen to be the Judge for this round. Does this mean they are better than the others? By no means! Each disciple is in Christ and will receive their turn in just time. 

Now, the Judge draws a card from the pile and proclaims what is written on the card and the other brethren choose a card from their hand to play but does the Judge get to play a card from their hand when it is their time as Judge? By no means! Only the gathered receive this duty.

The Judge then chooses the wheat from the weeds and the disciple who played this card is given the victory for the round.

Also, I am in prison so please have fun while I suffer for you.

St. John:

In the beginning there are cards, and the cards are with Catholics, and the cards are Catholic.

There was a Judge chosen who was to be the witness to give victory to the wise. Yet all who play cards do not receive this victory.

For the Judge so loved the card played that he gave his only choice to them, so that whoever won this round, may not lose, but have the temporary win.


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