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Playing Virtually

To virtually play the Catholic Card Game, everyone is going to need their own set of the game. Buy the Game or buy the Print at home version.

To begin, choose a player to start as the Judge. Let's have the person who initiated this virtual game start as the all powerful, ever-temporary Judge.

All players draw 7 white cards from their deck which will make up their hand. Note, players may play with any cards they have including all expansions. All players do not have to have the same expansions to play.

The Judge pulls a yellow card from their deck and reads it aloud. Feel free to show it to the other players through the camera. Players may ask for the yellow prompt card to be repeated.

The other players choose a card from their hand to play to the prompt card.

Now here is the important part, the revealing. All at the same time, players hold their card up in the camera so the judge can read it. The Judge can do a little countdown if that would help coordinate the herd of sheep.

Then, for each played card, the Judge reads the cards aloud so all players can hear what the others played.

The Judge chooses a winner from the played cards. This is a little different from playing in person because cards aren't played anonymously as they are normally. We urge you to still choose your favorite card based on the cards alone (or Sola-Carde) and not based on who played it. However, you have free will. If you want to ensure a player doesn't rack up points, even though they are the funniest one in the room, so be it.

To keep track of points, players can mark down each point they win on their phone, computer, or a piece of paper.

The current Judge then chooses a new player to be the judge since there is no "sitting left of the judge." You may also choose the new Judge strategically. 

Play to however many points you like. We suggest that the first to 5 points wins.

On occasion, the same card may be played as an answer by two (or more) players. When that happens, players may do one of the following:

  1. Jesus Style: reconcile with their brother on their way to the Judge and give the point to the other player.
  2. Solomon Style: each explain to the Judge why they played the card and the Judge chooses their favorite.
  3. Second Chance Style: each player plays one more card from their hand (without drawing new cards) and the Judge chooses their favorite from the new one.

Blessed playing!